Released in 2005

Daylight brings us to a new morning and in 2005 I found myself with a new life, a new message, needing a new vehicle for my art. I bought this Martin D-18 from Peter Frothingham about 35 years ago and have played it over the years as a hobby and a tool for comfort and introspection.
In times of change and struggle this music has provided me with an anchor--a way to center myself--and a voice for my soul.

Many of these songs have been part of me for a long time, like old friends with a special place in my heart. Some are newer--the title track speaks to the recent changes that have come into my life this past year. Sometimes it seems like life is all about learning how to cope with change and grow from it. When we learn the lessons it all seems to work out for the best in the long run. It is in that spirit that I share with you another piece of me.

1. Another Piece of Me  
Matthew Cook --- Lyrics available in Membership Area
I found myself going through some massive changes in my life. I got to thinking about the pieces of ourselves we leave behind. Some we never want to see again, but others we find we need later and have to go back and retrieve them. This song provided a bridge for me, a way to get through some stuff and get on with my life. The first verses talk about the past, while the later two are directed toward the future and my new partner, Kelly.
2. The End Of The Century  
Matthew Cook--- Lyrics available in Membership Area
I wrote this in 1999. The turn of the century was almost upon us and I thought of the idealism we had in the 60's, all the positive change we were surely going to bring to the world. It didn't seem like we had managed to come very far after all.
3. Walkin' The Dog
Rufus Thomas
I love the blues on an acoustic guitar! Walkin' The Dog is a favorite part of my repertoire. Not because it has any great meaning or message, but because it is great fun to play.
4. Walking Blues
Robert Johnson
Most of us have had those Walkin' Blues at one time or another. No matter what anyone tries to tell you, it's never easy.
5. Gone
Matthew Cook --- Lyrics available in Membership Area
From sometime in the 1970's. Part of breaking up with someone can be feeling sorry for yourself. A little of that is probably healthy as long as you find a way to get over it and move on.
6. Daylight Again
Stephen Stills
Some of the first songs I ever learned on guitar were Stills songs. This one, with images of the Civil War, speaks of a different kind of struggle and search for freedom.
7. Just Enough To Get By  
Peter Frothingham ---- Lyrics available in Membership Area
I've known Peter since our High School days. He writes some great songs. This one speaks to me about all the time we spend spinning our wheels without seeming to get anywhere.
8. In A Town This Size
Kieran Kane
Having lived in some mighty small towns for most of my adult life I can relate to being the subject of gossip. I always did like to give people something to talk about.
9. Love Games  
Matthew Cook --- Lyrics available in Membership Area
It can be daunting sometimes trying to go through the ups and downs of relationships. Without a strong sense of who we are, self-esteem can easily become a victim. Fortunately, time and experience eventually provide us an anchor.
10. Roll On Big River  
Peter Frothingham-- Lyrics available in Membership Area
Inspired by Native American legends, Peter writes a moving story of the mighty Mississippi River that spans the ages from prehistoric to current times.
11. Songs For You
Matthew Cook -- Lyrics available in Membership Area
Sometimes it's just the routine that helps get us through the day. When things aren't going right and there doesn't seem to be much to look forward to, it can be what gets us up in the morning and keeps us moving forward. I'd forgotten this song for quite a while and only remembered it when I was well into the process of putting this CD together.

12. Fort Worth Blues
Steve Earle
A song of feeling lost, out of place, away from home, and longing to go back where you belong. In this case it's Fort Worth, Texas, but I think each of us has our own place of refuge that we keep in our heart. One of my favorite contemporary songwriters, Steve Earle wrote this beautiful ballad at the passing of Townes Van Zandt.
13. Tecumseh Valley
Townes Van Zandt
A master of the Story Song, Townes was very influential in lots of people's music. Alternative Country and the Singer/Songwriter styles owe a lot to Townes' pioneering songs. Tecumseh Valley is the sad story of a small town girl who falls to misfortune and fails to achieve her dreams.

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