Change can be difficult and one of life’s most challenging lessons is learning to roll with it and find ways to make the outcome for the better. One of the most important things we can do for others in our lives is to help them see the positive side of whatever changes they may be going through at the time. Matthew Cook is an artist whose music speaks honestly and openly about working through change in his life.

‘Another Piece Of Me’, the title track of his solo guitar/vocal CD, is a very personal look at one of those moments when everything seems to be in flux and something constant is difficult to find. This song is featured in the award-winning documentary, ‘800 CDs’.

He was blessed with a grandchild with Down Syndrome and wrote ‘Trisomy 21’ in support of the lad and the changes this would bring in his family’s lives. The song has been a source of support and comfort for other parents of Down Syndrome children.

Change is constant and how we deal with it has a direct relationship to our quality of life. Matthew Cook’s music expresses a raw and emotional commentary on some of life’s changes that affect many of us.

Having grown up in Edmonds, Washington, just north of Seattle, Matthew spent several years on the Washington Coast before moving to the Big Island of Hawaii in the late 70’s. He eventually found his way to Humboldt County where he has lived for the last 40+ years. During that time he has been a staple of the music scene, providing a soundtrack for tourists and locals alike.

He continues to write and record as a solo pianist as well as in the singer/songwriter genre, and is happy to share his music along with his love of food, wine, and Kona Coffee.

Together with his wife, Kelly they have created over 200 cooking and travel shows on YouTube as 2 Cooks in the Kitchen‘.