While there is a wealth of information here, if you just want to find some good coffee to order we have noted our favorite picks with an * to save you time.

Highly Recommended – Make a Reservation

Langenstein Farms Coffee*

Fire Island Coffee*

Rooster Farms

Highly Recommended – No Reservation Required, Check Hours.

Kona Living History Coffee Farm

Kona Blue Sky Coffee*

Komo Estate Coffee/Komo Store*

Hawaii Kona Farms/Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative

Holualoa Coffee Company

Doutor Coffee/Mauka Meadows

Island Lava Java Old Place

Island Lava Java Revisited – New Digs!

Kona Haven Cafe

Mama’s Kona Coffee*

Ueshima Coffee Company

Recommended – No Reservation Required

Greenwell Farms

Daylight Mind

Ferrari Kona Coffee

Dr Paolo’s Kona Coffee

Black Rooster Farm

3 Keiki Farms

Cherry Hill Estate

Ai Wai Farms

Princess Radha Farms

Kau Farms

Wild Ass Coffee

Online Ordering Experience

Koa Coffee

Kona Mountain Coffee

Not Recommended – Don’t Make Us Say We Told You So

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee

Daylight Mind Revisited – Kona/Ka’u Koffee Komparison

Kona Joe

Mountain Thunder